Hampreston Quarter Peal Day, 21st April 2015 – Report

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[Sally Jenkins writes:]

With Ross away during April the Hampreston QP day was sub-contracted out to an understudy [Sally Jenkins] to organise.

Minus our leader, we headed off to the North of the Dorchester branch region with the morning quarters attempted at Hazelbury Bryan, Mappowder, Buckland Newton and Glanvilles Wootton.   The quarter of Grandsire Doubles would undoubtedly have been scored but was thwarted by a slipped wheel.  We scored one of the two quarters of Stedman Doubles with Richard achieving his first of Stedman.  Beverley defeated us after having got very lost trying to find the tower.

The afternoon ringing was a complete success, probably fuelled by drinks in the sunshine and a nice lunch.  Richard scored his first of trebling on 8 at Bradford Peverell, we had a good quarter of Plain Bob Minor at Maiden Newton and then, as a “going home” treat David and Sally scored their “most methods” with a quarter of 11 method mixed doubles at Martinstown.

Details of the quarters scored:

Mappowder, Dorset:
1260 Stedman Doubles in 43 mins
1   Richard Picker
2   David Barrance
3   Sally Jenkins
4   Mike Jasper
5   Angie Jasper (C)
6   Mike Jenkins

Maiden Newton, Dorset:
1260 Plain Bob Minor in 44 mins
1   Sally Jenkins
2   Kate Brice
3   Christopher P K Smithies
4   Paul Tyson
5   Mike Jasper (C)
6   Phil Stephens

Bradford Peverell, Dorset:
1344 Plain Bob Triples in 47 mins
1   Richard Picker
2   Phil Miles
3   David Barrance
4   Mike Jenkins
5   Tricia Stephens
6   Ed Warren
7   Angie Jasper (C)
8   Vern Hunt

Martinstown, Dorset:
1260 Doubles (11 m/p) in 42 mins
(60 of Stedman, 120 each of St Nicholas, Winchendon Place, St Remigius, Reverse Canterbury, St Simon’s, St Martin’s, St Osmund, Plain Bob, All Saints and Grandsire)
1   Mike Jenkins
2   Sally Jenkins
3   David Barrance
4   Angie Jasper
5   Mike Jasper (C)
6   Richard Picker

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