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Hampreston Quarter Peal Day Tuesday 17th December 2019 – Report

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The Quarter Peal Day for December 2019 (a.k.a. the Hampreston Christmas Spectacular QP Day) was organised by Sally Jenkins. Quarters were scored at Child Okeford, Fontmell Magna, Okeford Fitzpaine, Shillingstone, Shroton, Stourpaine and Winterborne Kingston; details of these can be found by clicking on the relevant links.

Hampreston Quarter Peal Day Friday 22nd November 2019 – Report

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The Quarter Peal Day for November 2019 was organised by Ross Bradley. Quarters were scored at Canford Magna, Hampreston, Oakdale, Sturminster Marshall and Wareham; details of these can be found by clicking on the relevant links.

Hampreston Quarter Peal Day Thursday 24th October 2019 – Report

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The Quarter Peal Day for October 2019 was organised by Peter Murdock-Saint. Only one quarter was scored, this being at Tollard Royal in Wiltshire; details can be found by clicking on the link.

Hampreston Quarter Peal Day Friday 6th September 2019 – Report

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The Quarter Peal Day for September 2019 was organised by Ross Bradley. Quarters were scored at Milborne St Andrew, Dorchester (St Peter), Winterborne Whitechurch and Piddlehinton; details of these can be found by clicking on the relevant links.

Hampreston Quarter Peal Day Friday 9th August 2019 – Report

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Angie Jasper writes:

“Friday 9th August saw 20 of us head off to the beautiful Chalke Valley, west of Salisbury, to attempt six quarter peals in all.

“The very busy morning started well with Grandsire doubles scored at Donhead St Mary followed by a lovely quarter of All Saints doubles at Chilmark which was a first in the method for Aila. Unfortunately other quarters of Cambridge, Kent and Stedman were not successful this time.

“We had an enjoyable lunch at the Greater Good pub in Fovant after which many of the ringers returned home. The remaining eight of us went on to Fordingbridge where Richard, Kate and Caroline rang their first blows of Middlesex triples and carried on to score an excellent quarter peal at the first attempt.

“Thanks to all those who took part and to the towers who allowed us to use their bells. Although not everyone scored a quarter this time, I hope there was some useful practice for another day.”

Hampreston Quarter Peal Day Friday 12th July 2019 – Report

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The Quarter Peal Day for July 2019 was organised by Jack Pease. Quarters were scored at Canford Magna, Sopley and Sturminster Marshall; details of these can be found by clicking on the relevant links.

Hampreston Quarter Peal Day Friday 21st June 2019 – Report

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Ross Bradley writes:

“The June Quarter day was designated a Smithies day remembering our fellow ringing friend Christopher, a founding member of this group.

“Having lost one of our regular organisers and Ross having family matters to deal with it was with great courage and fortitude that Peter [Murdock-Saint] stepped up to the mark once again.

“There were a number of last-minute changes, as usual on these days. However we had a good start with Double Oxford at Martinstown. Some great conducting from Angie and some serious learning by our three firsts made for a good Quarter Peal.

“We did lose Grandsire and Double Bob but they can wait for another day. The Bob Major at Dorchester went well with one first. Well done Richard.

“Sadly the  Bob Triples at Cattistock failed. At first the band thought that Ross’ sloppy handling was causing the bell to drop. After the fourth time and giving up closer inspection showed that the stay was held only by one bolt and had slipped, causing it to hit the frame.

“Sadly, our Method of the Day, Smithies Bob Minor, failed but I expect it will remain an annual feature for years to come. Grandsire Triples [at Bradpole] went well: although not everyone’s favourite it was a success and dedicated to Christopher.

“Overall the day was a success and most seemed to enjoy it. Members who had special requests in general had most of them met. They are grateful to those with no requests for fitting in unselfishly and boosting the ringing. Here’s to the next one, to be organised by Jack and proposed for 12th July.”

Full details of the three successful quarter peals can be viewed by clicking the relevant links in the text above.

Hampreston Quarter Peal Day Friday 24th May 2019 – Report

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Jack Pease writes:

“Hampreston Quarter Peal Day was a great success, with 4 quarter peals scored, and a 5th which got very close to being scored had it not have been for mechanical problems. A new method was scored, 1344 New College Little Bob Major at Wareham which was a first for all the band; 1344 Plain Bob Triples at Swanage saw Peter Murdock-Saint ring his first on 8 inside; 1320 May Day Doubles at Oakdale had firsts for Kim Matthews, Tricia Stephens and Sally Jenkins and a further quarter peal of 1260 Plain Bob Minor at Corfe Castle completed the set.”


Hampreston Quarter Peal Day Tuesday 23rd April 2019 – Report

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Angie Jasper writes:

“This was a hugely successful day with all 6 quarters scored and all containing firsts. Special thanks go to Caroline Barnes who stepped in with only a few hours’ notice and rang in three quarters including her first of St Martin’s doubles and also scored her 100th quarter peal. Other notable firsts included Richard’s first of Norwich, Paul’s first of Kent and Gill’s first of more than one method. Well done to David too for his first go on an anti-clockwise ring. Two topical quarters to end with were St George’s doubles as it was St George’s Day and of course April Day doubles which also brought quite a few more firsts.

Links to details of the six quarter peals are given below.


Family Peal Success at Hampreston

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On Sunday 14th April, 2019, the Jasper family, along with two other ringers, rang a peal of 42 doubles methods. The band comprised Mike, Angie, Peter and Linda, along with Tom Harris and Richard Picker. Angie Jasper takes up the story:

“Palm Sunday 14th April was a special day for Hampreston. Not only was it the day when regular Sunday services began to be held in the church again after an 18 month absence due to a failed boiler but it was also the date chosen for a full peal to be attempted for the first time since 2012.

“I have always enjoyed doubles ringing and having gained a certain amount of confidence from calling numerous quarters and a couple of peals, I was keen to attempt a peal of 42 Doubles, one extent of each method. Although we have a strong local band at Hampreston it was not possible to get a team together for the peal so we had to look elsewhere and our Peter was the obvious choice.

“It was 25 years ago this month that Mike and I joined the band at Hampreston along with our children Peter then aged 7 and Linda at nearly 5. Although Peter has moved away, Linda still rings here when work permits, and a family band was a possibility. Peter said yes immediately, both Tom and Richard were keen to take part and Ross volunteered to be the reserve and to stand in for practices. By the middle of February the full band was in place, methods decided on and the running order agreed. Thursday night practices saw a “peal slot” where we all attempted the designated methods including Mike and Richard who had volunteered to ring the treble and tenor respectively for the actual peal.

“The band assembled on the day but nerves showed and the attempt came to grief inside the first 10 minutes! The second attempt was infinitely better and we sailed through method after method with nothing more than an occasional one blow error. The striking was very good throughout, everyone had really done their homework and with a very solid treble and steady tenor, the peal seemed never in doubt. It was a real team effort and a fun challenge for the whole band and celebrations afterwards continued well in to the evening at The Old Thatch.”

Details of the peal can be viewed by following the link below.