Hampreston March/April 2018 Quarter Peal Day

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The next Quarter Peal day is being organised by Ross Bradley and is on Friday 6th April in the Bournemouth and Poole area. Click here for further details.

Hampreston February/March 2018 Quarter Peal Day

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The next Quarter Peal day is being organised by Ross Bradley and is on Friday 2nd March in the Bournemouth and Poole area. Click here for further details.

Hampreston January 2018 Quarter Peal Day

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This month’s Quarter Peal day is being organised by Jack Pease and is on Friday 26th January in the Lyme Regis – Bridport area of West Dorset. Click here for further details.

Hampreston Quarter Peal Day Friday 23rd September – Report

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This month we were very short of ringers so just six of us set out to ring three quarters in the morning, finishing at a local pub for lunch. We had some good ringing but failed to score Kent Treble bob minor and mixed doubles, our only success being the one detailed below.

Milborne St Andrew (St Andrew), Dorset:
1296 Single Oxford Bob Minor in 45 mins
1 Ross A Bradley
2 Ed Warren
3 Marisa Bartlett
4 Paul Tyson
5 Mike Jasper
6 Angie Jasper (C)
1st in the method for 4.
Rung for Hampreston Quarter Peal Day and as a birthday compliment to Hampreston ringer Tom Harris.

New Method Composed to Celebrate 5 Years of Quarter Peal Days

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A new major method has been composed by Jack Pease to celebrate five years of Hampreston Quarter Peal Days, during which a group of ringers have been ringing quarter peals every month at various towers. The method was rung for the first time tonight at St John’s in Bournemouth by a band formed entirely of ringers who have been regulars on quarter peal days.
The method has been named by Jack as: ‘Single Hampreston Bob Major’.
Details of tonight’s performance of the new method have been published on BellBoard and can be viewed here:

Hampreston Quarter Peal Day Friday 12th August – Report

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[Ross Bradley writes:]

A wonderful day out in Somerset, against all the odds, thanks to Jack’s organising skills when we were unexpectedly reduced in numbers. Congratulations go to Harry for his first on 8 and to Jack on ringing his 100th for the Guild.

We attempted our new method Hampreston Bob Major but it came to grief not far from coming round. The Single Canterbury major proved to be a step too far but an excellent attempt at [Single Canterbury Bob] triples also came to an unhappy end with only about ten minutes to go.

Next event: Friday Fun Kingston tbc. 2nd September; Quarter day Friday 23rd September tbc; October Quarter day in half term week tbc by Jack.

Details of the successful quarter are as follows:

Hardington Mandeville (Blessed Virgin Mary), Somerset:
1260 Plain Bob Triples in 46 mins
1 Sue Barrance
2 Jack R Pease
3 Marisa P G Bartlett
4 Mike L Jasper
5 Richard Picker
6 Paul J Tyson
7 Angie M E Jasper (C)
8 Harry Roberts
First on 8 at first attempt for 8.
100th quarter peal for the Guild, aged 17 for 2.
Rung for Hampreston Quarter Peal Day.

Hampreston Quarter Peal Day Friday 22nd July – Report

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[Ross Bradley writes:]

A new approach this month with the aim of attempting six quarters before lunch. We managed it but timing was a bit tight. A leisurely lunch was enjoyed by all, at the Sun Inn.

The Yorkshire Surprise Major at Dorchester was the first of Surprise Major for the group and although it didn’t have any individual firsts it paves the way for others to have a go and perhaps progress further with surprise major.

The Kent was a great success for Tricia and Phil and thanks go to Tom for keeping the ringing on track. The Middlesex Bob Triples also contained a number of firsts and credit goes to the conductor and her assistants for spotting errors.

We did lose three quarters. The lockout at Bradford Peverell meant a late start and all did not go well after that. We were unlucky to lose the Plain and Little Bob minor at Martinstown in the last 120 after some very good ringing and striking.

Next quarter peal day will be organised by Jack, date set for 12th August. Provisional date for Friday fun is 2nd September. I will be asking for the bells at Kingston.

Details of the quarters scored are as follows:

Dorchester (St Peter), Dorset:
1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major in 46 mins
1 Sue Barrance
2 Ross A Bradley (C)
3 Linda D E Jasper
4 David Barrance
5 Thomas R Harris
6 Laurence H Turner
7 Jack R Pease
8 Angie M E Jasper
First of Surprise Major for Hampreston Quarter Peal Day.
This first quarter of the day marks 5 years since the first quarter peal day, organised by the conductor on both occasions.

Fordington (St George), Dorset:
1288 Middlesex Bob Triples in 50 mins
1 Paul Tyson
2 Linda Jasper
3 David Barrance
4 Chris Read
5 Jack R Pease
6 Mike Jasper
7 Angie Jasper (C)
8 Richard Picker
First in the method for 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Upwey (St Laurence), Dorset:
1296 Kent Treble Bob Minor in 46 mins
1 Kate Brice
2 Christopher P K Smithies
3 Tricia Stephens
4 Tony Fisher
5 Phil Stephens
6 Thomas R Harris (C)
First of Kent TB for 3 and 5.

All rung for Hampreston Quarter Peal Day.