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Friday Fun, February 2016 – Report

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[Ross Bradley writes:]

The February event was held on Friday 5th at Kingston (10) and Worth Matravers (6). Seventeen ringers took part ringing Bob minor, Little Bob minor, Single Oxford, Original, Cambridge minor, Double Norwich and Grandsire, Plain Bob and Stedman Caters. The morning’s ringing was capped by a superb lunch at the Scott Arms, Kingston.

Next ringing event will be Jack’s Quarter day on 19th February followed by March Quarter day on the 11th.

The April Friday Fun date is yet to be decided but is expected to be in the second half of the month.

Christmas and New Year Ringing 2015 at Hampreston

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Ringing is planned for the Christmas and New Year period this year as follows.

  • Christmas Eve (Thurs 24 Dec): no practice night.
  • Christmas Eve (Thurs 24 Dec): no ringing for Midnight Mass.
  • Christmas Day (Fri 25 Dec): ringing at 9.30am for a 10am service.
  • Sunday 27 December: normal Sunday ringing.
  • New Year’s Eve (Thurs 31 Dec): normal practice night.
  • New Year’s Eve (Thurs 31 Dec – Fri 1 Jan 2016): ringing in the New Year, 11.45pm to 12.15am approx.
  • Sunday 3 January 2016: normal Sunday ringing.


Hampreston September 2015 Quarter Peal Day – Report

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This month’s Quarter Peal day took place on Monday, 14 September 2015. Quarters were scored at Christchurch, Sopley, Corfe Mullen and Minstead. A quarter of Plain and Little Bob minor was attempted at Hampreston but was lost after half an hour. Otherwise, an enjoyable day out was had with lunch at the High Corner Public House near Ringwood.

Details of the successful quarters are as follows:

Christchurch (Priory Church of Holy Trinity), Dorset:
1296 Grandsire Caters in 52 mins
1 Carole Dean
2 Sally Jenkins
3 Rosalind Martin
4 Ross A Bradley
5 Mike Jasper
6 Angie Jasper (C)
7 Brian Dean
8 Thomas R Harris
9 Laurence H Turner
10 Paul Tyson

Sopley (St Michael and All Angels), Hampshire:
1260 Winchendon Place Doubles in 42 mins
1 Kate Brice
2 Ed Warren
3 Mike Jenkins
4 Angie Jasper (C)
5 Paul Tyson
6 Sally Jenkins
100th Quarter Peal for 3.
1st in the method for 3 and 5.

Corfe Mullen (St Hubert), Dorset:
1260 Doubles (6m/V) in 42 mins
(60 Stedman, 240 St Martin’s, 360 St Simon’s, 120 Reverse Canterbury, 240 Plain Bob, 240 Grandsire)
1 Shirley Brown
2 Kate Brice
3 Ed Warren
4 Tony Fisher
5 Mike Jasper (C)
6 Vernon Hunt
80th Birthday congratulations to Shirley.

Minstead (All Saints), Hampshire:
800 Stedman and Plain Bob Doubles in 25mins
1 Shirley Brown
2 Ross A Bradley
3 Thomas R Harris (C)
4 Mike Jasper
5 Tony Fisher
6 Christopher Smithies
For Shirley’s Birthday.

All rung for Hampreston Quarter Peal Day.

Quarter Peal for Britain’s longest-reigning Monarch

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A number of Hampreston band members rang a successful quarter on Wednesday, 9 September 2015 at All Saints to commemorate HM Queen Elizabeth II becoming Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

Details of the quarter are as follows:

1260 Plain Bob Minor in 42 minutes
  Gay Harris
2   Shirley Brown
3   Richard Picker
4   Thomas R. Harris
5   Mike Jasper
6   Angie Jasper (C)

Hampreston Quarter Peal Day, 8th June 2015 – Report

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Another bright sunny day and eight quarters to attempt.

Plenty of firsts, a lockout and an almost-made with the Single Darlaston Bob Triples. Better luck next time.

The Birthday band scored their June doubles and we had our first on ten for over a year.

Next outing will be on Monday 20th July 2015.

Details of the quarters scored are as follows:

Halstock (St Mary), Dorset:
1260 St Nicholas Doubles in 45 mins
1   Mike Jenkins
2   Sally Jenkins
3   Kim Matthews
4   Christopher Smithies
5   Mike Jasper (C)
First on five bells for 1 and 2.
First in the method for 2 and 3.

Abbotsbury (St Nicholas), Dorset:
1260 April Day Doubles in 42 mins
1   Sally Jenkins (C)
2   Carole Dean
3   Tricia Stephens
4   Mike Jenkins
5   Brian Dean
6   Kim Matthews
First blows in variation for 4.
First in variation for 2, 3 and 5.
First in variation as conductor.

Symondsbury (St John the Baptist), Dorset:
1260 June and Plain Bob Doubles in 45 mins
1   Ross A Bradley (C)
2   Tricia Stephens
3   Kim Matthews
4   Christopher Smithies
5   Sally Jenkins
6   Vernon Hunt
Birthday compliment to each ringer; all have birthdays in June or are Geminis.
First June Doubles for all.

Broadwindsor (St John the Baptist), Dorset:
1260 St Simon’s Doubles in 43 mins
1   Shirley Brown
2   Kate Brice
3   Richard Picker
4   Angie Jasper (C)
5   Paul Tyson
6   Ross A Bradley
First in the method for 3.

Charminster (St Mary), Dorset:
1296 Plain Bob Caters in 45 mins
1   Kim Matthews
2   Sally Jenkins
3   Tricia Stephens
4   Angie Jasper
5   Ross A Bradley
6   Mike Jasper
7   Phil Stephens
8   David Barrance
9   Laurence Turner (C)
10 Paul Tyson
First on ten bells for 10.
First Bob Caters for 8.

5th Bell Latest

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We are delighted to report that the fifth bell has been repaired and returned to Hampreston and successfully rehung. Further details to follow.

Hampreston Quarter Peal Day, 21st April 2015 – Report

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[Sally Jenkins writes:]

With Ross away during April the Hampreston QP day was sub-contracted out to an understudy [Sally Jenkins] to organise.

Minus our leader, we headed off to the North of the Dorchester branch region with the morning quarters attempted at Hazelbury Bryan, Mappowder, Buckland Newton and Glanvilles Wootton.   The quarter of Grandsire Doubles would undoubtedly have been scored but was thwarted by a slipped wheel.  We scored one of the two quarters of Stedman Doubles with Richard achieving his first of Stedman.  Beverley defeated us after having got very lost trying to find the tower.

The afternoon ringing was a complete success, probably fuelled by drinks in the sunshine and a nice lunch.  Richard scored his first of trebling on 8 at Bradford Peverell, we had a good quarter of Plain Bob Minor at Maiden Newton and then, as a “going home” treat David and Sally scored their “most methods” with a quarter of 11 method mixed doubles at Martinstown.

Details of the quarters scored:

Mappowder, Dorset:
1260 Stedman Doubles in 43 mins
1   Richard Picker
2   David Barrance
3   Sally Jenkins
4   Mike Jasper
5   Angie Jasper (C)
6   Mike Jenkins

Maiden Newton, Dorset:
1260 Plain Bob Minor in 44 mins
1   Sally Jenkins
2   Kate Brice
3   Christopher P K Smithies
4   Paul Tyson
5   Mike Jasper (C)
6   Phil Stephens

Bradford Peverell, Dorset:
1344 Plain Bob Triples in 47 mins
1   Richard Picker
2   Phil Miles
3   David Barrance
4   Mike Jenkins
5   Tricia Stephens
6   Ed Warren
7   Angie Jasper (C)
8   Vern Hunt

Martinstown, Dorset:
1260 Doubles (11 m/p) in 42 mins
(60 of Stedman, 120 each of St Nicholas, Winchendon Place, St Remigius, Reverse Canterbury, St Simon’s, St Martin’s, St Osmund, Plain Bob, All Saints and Grandsire)
1   Mike Jenkins
2   Sally Jenkins
3   David Barrance
4   Angie Jasper
5   Mike Jasper (C)
6   Richard Picker

New Tower Captain

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At the 2015 Tower AGM Richard Picker agreed to take over the role of Tower Captain from Angie Jasper, who stood down after several years in the role.

New Webmaster

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This is to introduce Harry Roberts as the new webmaster for the Hampreston Bellringers’ website. To contact the webmaster please click here.

An Alphabet of Minor Methods – Spliced

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On Friday 25th April 2014 eight of us, including two long suffering wives, sat down for a celebration meal at the White Hart in Longham, our regular haunt after Hampreston practice night. Nothing particularly remarkable in that except that the evening had been planned more than three years earlier!

One night in early 2011, recuperating in the pub after a successful quarter peal, six regulars from the Hampreston, Dorset, practice night band first took up T’s suggestion that we should ring an alphabet of minor methods. We decided that we would ring the methods in alphabetical order within two years, that all the methods rung should lie outside the normal repertoire, and we should not have previously rung a whole quarter in any of them. We also planned to try and splice all 26 methods into a 2013 date touch.

Once we had completed the alphabet quarters, just within the two years we had allowed ourselves, T composed the touch. It was in two sections: the first, of 1008 changes, comprised the 13 plain and alliance methods we had rung; the second, of 1005 changes, comprised the treble bob and treble place hunt methods. Each section would also form the basis of a preparatory quarter peal of 13 spliced.

Not all had been going smoothly. In April 2013, after a couple of months’ practice of the second section, we tackled the first. We soon realised that this was going to be the most challenging part. A lot of the method changes come only 12 rows apart and there is a lot of switching between forward and backward hunting methods. It took us 6 months, with a number of abject failures, to achieve our preparatory quarter in the plain and alliance methods.

At this point one member of the band withdrew from the project as he was not really enjoying the challenge of multi-spliced ringing. Another member had gamely continued ringing with us throughout, despite having been diagnosed with cancer and successfully undergoing several months of gruelling treatment. Then in September 2013 disaster struck our home tower when the 5th bell suddenly developed a large crack and had to be silenced. A culture of humour in adversity grew up amongst us and we had great difficulty in not breaking into our alphabet methods when ringing more standard lines, especially when several of our members were in the band!

We kept ourselves going throughout the project, especially the last year of struggling with the splicing of the methods, with comments such as “We are doing this for fun!” and “We really enjoy doing this!”

Having failed to ring the Date Touch in 2013 a small adjustment was made to the composition. By shuffling the order of the sections, and with the judicious use of what we christened a “Harris Single”, we were able to extend it to 2014 changes.

Another experienced Hampreston ringer was then co-opted to enable us to continue the project, and in about two months we managed to achieve a quarter based on the second section. It was a real accolade for our co-opted member, to get her head round these new-to-her methods so quickly. She was now faced with the task of learning the 13 plain and alliance methods, whilst keeping the other 13 in mind. Our first practice of these part 1 methods went very well, giving us the confidence that we would soon achieve our objective.

After our 2nd practice at the whole date touch we all agreed that the plain and alliance method section was the more difficult to ring. In all of this the treble was most important in giving guide points to the inside ringers. He had five different patterns of work, and had to know which pattern went with which method name.

Our first serious attempt to ring the Date Touch ended at 940 changes, when we went into a wrong method, but was we thought a valiant attempt, having almost completed what we considered the more difficult plain and alliance section.

The Date Touch was finally rung on 22 March 2014, thus completing our “Alphabet” project, it having taken 3 years 2 months and one day.It left us all mentally exhausted and agreeing with friends, who had been saying it for some while: “Yes, we are mad!”