Family Peal Success at Hampreston

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On Sunday 14th April, 2019, the Jasper family, along with two other ringers, rang a peal of 42 doubles methods. The band comprised Mike, Angie, Peter and Linda, along with Tom Harris and Richard Picker. Angie Jasper takes up the story:

“Palm Sunday 14th April was a special day for Hampreston. Not only was it the day when regular Sunday services began to be held in the church again after an 18 month absence due to a failed boiler but it was also the date chosen for a full peal to be attempted for the first time since 2012.

“I have always enjoyed doubles ringing and having gained a certain amount of confidence from calling numerous quarters and a couple of peals, I was keen to attempt a peal of 42 Doubles, one extent of each method. Although we have a strong local band at Hampreston it was not possible to get a team together for the peal so we had to look elsewhere and our Peter was the obvious choice.

“It was 25 years ago this month that Mike and I joined the band at Hampreston along with our children Peter then aged 7 and Linda at nearly 5. Although Peter has moved away, Linda still rings here when work permits, and a family band was a possibility. Peter said yes immediately, both Tom and Richard were keen to take part and Ross volunteered to be the reserve and to stand in for practices. By the middle of February the full band was in place, methods decided on and the running order agreed. Thursday night practices saw a “peal slot” where we all attempted the designated methods including Mike and Richard who had volunteered to ring the treble and tenor respectively for the actual peal.

“The band assembled on the day but nerves showed and the attempt came to grief inside the first 10 minutes! The second attempt was infinitely better and we sailed through method after method with nothing more than an occasional one blow error. The striking was very good throughout, everyone had really done their homework and with a very solid treble and steady tenor, the peal seemed never in doubt. It was a real team effort and a fun challenge for the whole band and celebrations afterwards continued well in to the evening at The Old Thatch.”

Details of the peal can be viewed by following the link below.

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