Hampreston Quarter Peal Day Friday 13th May – Report

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[Ross Bradley writes:]
Not so many of us this month but it gave us the chance to ring methods that are not in our usual repertoire.
Paul scored his first inside to Bob triples as Sally got her first covering to triples on the light eight at Bradford Peverell.
There was a first for us all with Canterbury triples at Dorchester but sadly the Middlesex came to grief at Bradpole.
Next event is being arranged by Angie for Monday 6th June.

Details of the quarters scored are as follows:

Bradford Peverell (The Assumption), Dorset:
1260 Plain Bob Triples in 43 mins
1 Richard Picker
2 Kate Brice
3 Tony Fisher
4 Mike Jasper
5 Paul Tyson
6 Angie Jasper
7 Ross A Bradley (C)
8 Sally Jenkins
1st Bob Triples for 5.
1st as cover on 8.

Dorchester (St Peter), Dorset:
1344 Canterbury Pleasure Bob Triples in 53 mins
1 Ross A Bradley
2 Christopher P K Smithies
3 Sally Jenkins
4 Mike Jenkins
5 Tony Fisher
6 Mike Jasper
7 Angie Jasper (C)
8 Paul Tyson
1st in the method for all.

Both rung for Hampreston Quarter Peal Day.

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