Hampreston Quarter Peal Day Friday 11th March – Report

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This month the tour was around Wareham, venturing to Corfe Mullen and Upwey after a wonderful lunch at the Black Bear, Wool. Five quarters scored with plenty of firsts and some good striking.

Next ringing events are:
April 8th Quarter Peal day organised by Jack
April 22nd Bradpole (Friday Fun)

Details of the quarters scored are as follows:

Wareham (Lady St Mary), Dorset:
1296 Plain Bob Caters in 52 mins
1 Marisa Bartlett
2 David Barrance
3 Tricia Stephens
4 Ed Warren
5 Mike Jenkins
6 Angie Jasper (C)
7 Sally Jenkins
8 Mike Jasper
9 Phil Stephens
10 Paul Tyson
1st on 10 for 1 and 5.
1st on 10 for over 40 years for 4.

Corfe Castle (St Edward the Martyr), Dorset:
1320 Trinity Sunday Treble Bob Minor in 44 mins
1 Richard Picker
2 Ross A Bradley
3 Paul R Smith
4 Laurence H Turner
5 Linda Jasper (C)
6 Tony Fisher
1st of Treble Bob for 1.
1st in the method for 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Wool (Holy Rood), Dorset:
1296 Single Oxford Bob Minor in 40 mins
1 Kate Brice
2 Tricia Stephens
3 Marisa Bartlett
4 Christopher P K Smithies
5 Mike Jasper
6 Angie Jasper (C)
1st of Single Oxford Bob Minor for 2 and 3.

Corfe Mullen (St Hubert), Dorset:
1260 Doubles (2 Methods: alternating extents of Plain Bob and Grandsire) in 45 mins
1 Tricia Stephens
2 Kate Brice
3 Richard Picker
4 Christopher P K Smithies
5 Mike Jasper (C)
6 Phil Stephens

Upwey (St Laurence), Dorset:
1272 Cambridge Surprise Minor in 40 mins
1 Paul Tyson
2 Linda Jasper
3 Ed Warren
4 David Barrance
5 Angie Jasper
6 Ross A Bradley (C)
1st Cambridge Surprise Minor for 3.

All rung for Hampreston Quarter Peal Day.

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