Hampreston September 2015 Quarter Peal Day – Report

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This month’s Quarter Peal day took place on Monday, 14 September 2015. Quarters were scored at Christchurch, Sopley, Corfe Mullen and Minstead. A quarter of Plain and Little Bob minor was attempted at Hampreston but was lost after half an hour. Otherwise, an enjoyable day out was had with lunch at the High Corner Public House near Ringwood.

Details of the successful quarters are as follows:

Christchurch (Priory Church of Holy Trinity), Dorset:
1296 Grandsire Caters in 52 mins
1 Carole Dean
2 Sally Jenkins
3 Rosalind Martin
4 Ross A Bradley
5 Mike Jasper
6 Angie Jasper (C)
7 Brian Dean
8 Thomas R Harris
9 Laurence H Turner
10 Paul Tyson

Sopley (St Michael and All Angels), Hampshire:
1260 Winchendon Place Doubles in 42 mins
1 Kate Brice
2 Ed Warren
3 Mike Jenkins
4 Angie Jasper (C)
5 Paul Tyson
6 Sally Jenkins
100th Quarter Peal for 3.
1st in the method for 3 and 5.

Corfe Mullen (St Hubert), Dorset:
1260 Doubles (6m/V) in 42 mins
(60 Stedman, 240 St Martin’s, 360 St Simon’s, 120 Reverse Canterbury, 240 Plain Bob, 240 Grandsire)
1 Shirley Brown
2 Kate Brice
3 Ed Warren
4 Tony Fisher
5 Mike Jasper (C)
6 Vernon Hunt
80th Birthday congratulations to Shirley.

Minstead (All Saints), Hampshire:
800 Stedman and Plain Bob Doubles in 25mins
1 Shirley Brown
2 Ross A Bradley
3 Thomas R Harris (C)
4 Mike Jasper
5 Tony Fisher
6 Christopher Smithies
For Shirley’s Birthday.

All rung for Hampreston Quarter Peal Day.

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