February Quarter Peal Day

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A bit of a testing day but Sally scored her first of Bob Minor as conductor, Tricia scored her first of Cambridge Minor and Richard scored his first as conductor at first attempt. Well done everyone.

The Single Darlaston proved to be a bit too much for us but shows promise and will stay on the list. Cambridge Major will, I think, go on the back burner for a while.

Next one is March 9th. April could be difficult but Sally has offered to organise. More details later.

The successful quarters are detailed below.

Upwey, Dorset (St Laurence, 9 1/2 cwt.):

43 mins 1260 Plain Bob Minor

1   Mike Jenkins

2   Sally Jenkins (c)

3   Christopher Smithies

4   Ed Warren

5   Jack R. Pease

6   Peter Jasper

First in method as Conductor.

Martinstown, Dorset (St Martin, 8-1-4):

40 mins 1269 Cambridge Surprise Minor

1   Gay Harris

2   Tricia Stephens

3   Ross A. Bradley

4   Angela M.E. Jasper

5   Jack R. Pease

6   Thomas R. Harris (c)

First quarter of Cambridge Minor for 2.

Symondsbury, Dorset (St John the Baptist, 15 cwt.):

45 mins 1260 Plain Bob Doubles

1   Christopher Smithies

2   Richard Picker (c)

3   Ross A. Bradley

4   Paul Tyson

5   Ed Warren

6   Mike Jenkins

First as Conductor.

All for Hampreston QP day held on Monday 16th February 2015.

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