Hampreston Quarter Peal Day – Monday 10th November

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This month we were in the Dorchester area attempting six quarters, scoring Kent at Wool, Grandsire at Wareham and mixed doubles at Upwey. The Cambridge minor at Milborne St Andrew was lost with just two courses to go so is definitely worth a go next time. The bells at Bradford Peverell were a bit quick for us so it may be best to try our triples methods on slower bells. Dorchester were an excellent ring of bells but sadly we didn’t do them justice with our Bob Major but they are well worth a return visit.

Next month the event will be on Monday 8th December near Shroton and the Christmas lunch will be at the Cricketers as usual. Invites have been sent and when we have enough ringers menus requests will be forwarded to the pub a week in advance. Christmas special menus will require £5 in advance which I can arrange. Of course the weather will be sunny.

The three successful quarters are detailed below.

Wool, Dorset (Holy Rood, 11-0-24):

43 mins 1272 Kent Treble Bob Minor

1   Paul Tyson

2   Kate Brice

3   Ed Warren

4   Sally Jenkins

5   Phil Miles

6   Angie Jasper (c)

First of treble bob: 1; first in method: 2.

Wareham, Dorset (Lady St Mary, 17-1-20):

45 mins 1260 Grandsire Triples

1   Carole Dean

2   Ross A. Bradley

3   Ed Warren

4   Brian Dean

5   Angie Jasper

6   Mike Jasper

7   Laurence H Turner (c)

8   Phil Stephens

Rung as a Birthday compliment (next day) to Margaret Turner, wife of the conductor.

Upwey, Dorset (St Laurence, 9 1/2 cwt.):

45 mins 1260 Mixed Doubles (60 Stedman, 600 Grandsire, 600 Plain Bob)

1   Mike Jenkins

2   Carole Dean

3   Kate Brice

4   Christopher P K Smithies

5   Mike Jasper (c)

6   Shirley Brown

Rung half muffled in Remembrance.

All for Hampreston QP day held on Monday 10th November 2014, and SDGR QP week.

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